Bring Down Yeast Infection To Least – Tea Tree Oil

Some of the problems which most of us consider embarrassing and annoying and disgusting (and all such words)…yeast infection is just one of them…Okay…Let’s discuss..

Do you know what exactly Yeast infection is?

Hmm…Basically…Yeast infection refers to the unexpected growth of the fungus called Candida….This is one of the fungi which can stay on your skin….Warmth and moisture are conducive for the growth of this yeast….Hence…when searching for information regarding what is yeast infection…one would come across that yeast infection is caused by a lot of factors… As long as the factors can change the moistures and pH levels inside the body…they can be a direct or indirect cause of the infection….So one got to be very carefull…

Tea Tree Oil…The Killer Oil To Help…

Tea tree oil is probably the most perfect remedy for this infection….The oil is available almost everywhere…in natural food stores…and even….on-line…

Though Direct application should be avoided mostly…try and always be dilute it…Women can put a few drops of oil into a lukewarm sitz bath…Tea Tree oil is a strong antiseptic and may cause irritation for some women…But if notice any kind of discomfort…rinse the area with lots of plain water and discontinue use….

For vaginal infections…application can either be using Tea Tree oil or you can use a suitable applicator covered with a vaginal lubricant such as K-Y jelly add a few drops of Tea Tree oil…Some people find that the oil can cause some stinging on contact with sensitive areas so use only a few drops diluted with additional K-Y if necessary….You may want to check with your doctor or health practitioner before using Tea Tree oil as one of your yeast infection home remedies..But still…there’s nothing competing with the effectiveness of this magical killer of yeast….

Because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities…it proves to be the best solution for these internal (not literally)…problems…so resorting to this…might only and only benefit you…for the record

But…one thing to be remembered always…its for physical use only…only outward use…it might be detrimental for you…if used internally…

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Ouch!! Apply me – Tea tree oil

Just as this heading suggests…whenever in any ‘ouch’ condition…Tea tree is always there to offer the best of help…Okay I know that the use of essential oil…raw…in today’s world is passé but then well…ladies and gentlemen..we cannot simply choose to ignore…overlook the n number of products using Tea tree oil in its reputed and safe (yes literally safe) products…creams…lotions…toothpastes…they all have it in them…

Tea tree can be applied neat (raw; as it is) to scrapes and cuts to prevent infection of all sorts… If putting  a few drops into warm water to clean wounds…it’ll be even more magical…It can even be applied to a cut or scrape as an antibiotic and to improve skin healing…isn’t that amazing and solving all our purposes?

Tea tree can hasten the healing process because it contains multiple medicinal properties….The best and golden ones being the…

  • Analgesic (pain relieving)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Homeostatic (arrests bleeding)
  • Vulnerary (substance that helps heals sore and wounds by external application)
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibiotic

When one cleans the wound and apply the Tea Tree Oil directly to the cut two to three times the first day….the wound is sure to heal in far better manner and more quickly than when treated with something else…

Tea tree is one of those essential oils that has certain properties that supersede the goods of many others carefully made products…of course the case is going to be a lot better if the product contains tea tree..

The most rare…uncanny and invincible quality of this oil being that it deals with the emotional aspect of the wound too (Initially I was left wondering if wounds too have emotions)…But what it means is that in case there has been trauma or shock this magical oil is able to address that component as well…Intriguing no?

One major factor it is so illustrious for its healing properties is that the benefits of tea tree oil are so recognized…by everyone…including yours and mine grandma to the scientists today…and is hence the most popular essential oils of all times…

Qualities that highlight its being are that it is

  1. Antiseptic
  2. Antifungal
  3. Antimicrobial
  4. Antiviral
  5. Antibacterial
  6. Anti-inflammatory
  7. Antioxidant
  8. Anti parasitic
  9. Decongestant
  10. Immune-stimulant
  11. Insecticidal
  12. Tissue regenerator

 For these reasons and that its amazing ability to enhances the immune system..rates it on the top…above all…and to add more to it….it has been traditionally used for coughs… flu…bronchitis…and colds… (Mind you! It still IS used!)

Its regeneration properties also reduce scar tissue and swelling which hence makes it perfect for healing wounds….insect bites and acne…

It’s not just the physical ills that are healed by Tea tree oil this essential oil is so refreshing and cleansing….It has a strong herbaceous and woody that its shirks the unnecessary thoughts from the mind leaving us light-headed…and rejuvenated…

It eases mental stress and purifies the mind and body of emotional wounds…Once old wounds are released (or healed)…the body can then change the behavioural patterns that led to the wounding to begin with…and that’s how the wounds are treated to the core by this oil…

The emotional roots are often associated with distrust of self or others…guilt and shame. Of all which…can be released with the assistance of Tea Tree…Now you know what all it heals…the external injuries….and the internal ailments…

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